New Announcement

Due to COVID and strict government protocol, Idipar will only continue with
the following options for the Spanish and Guaraní course until further notice:

1. Private and semi-private (2 people) online course

2. Private and private group course at home/office in Asunción and Caacupé

3. Private and semi-private course at accommodation with Paraguayan family in Caacupé

**Group and private courses at our Asunción location are unavailable until further notice.**

The Idipar office in Asunción is closed so any questions about the courses by
WhatsApp to +595 971 343 900 or by e-mail at

Idipar Language School in Asuncion - Paraguay. Since 1982

IDIPAR Language School

Intensive Spanish & Guaraní Language Courses in Asunción, Paraguay

Study at IDIPAR to learn or perfect your language skills and experience the culture and traditions of Paraguay via our accommodation, special workshops, student gatherings and tourism.

Spanish and Guarani course at Idipar

Spanish and Guaraní Course

IDIPAR welcomes you to take one or both of Paraguay's beautiful languages, Spanish and native Guaraní as spoken in the streets. Courses are currently available online, in person from home or office and at the homestay with Paraguayan family in Caacupé.


Accommodation with Idipar


IDIPAR offers a new home-stay accommodation with a Paraguayan family in the interior of the country (Caacupé), giving students the wonderful opportunity to live and learn in the same place, during which they will experience Paraguay's vibrant culture, languages, food and traditions.



Includes guide & travel expenses

Circuit tour 1 and 2: $150 USD each tour
Asunción tour: $70 USD

Circuit Tour Option 1

Circuit Tour Option 1

1. Limpio
2. Emboscada
3. Nueva Colombia
4. Altos
5. San Bernardino
6. Areguá

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Circuit Tour Option 2

Circuit Tour Option 2

1. San Lorenzo
2. Capiatá
3. Itaguá
4. Ita
5. Ypacarai
6. Caacupé
7. Tobati
8. Yaguaron

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Asunción Tour

Asunción Tour

1. House of independence
2. Government palace
3. National Congress
4. Cathedral
5. Costanera
6. National Museum of Fine Arts

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COURSE Levels Guide

Our Special Course Curriculum Overview

Start learning at IDIPAR from one of 7 Spanish levels and 3 Guaraní levels.

Spanish Beginner Level Course
IDIPAR Course Levels Guide

Spanish: Beginner level

A-1 / A-2

Includes 20 lessons overall + many audio exercises and illustrations

Utilization of typical greetings, verbs, vocabulary, easy sentences, present, regular and irregular tenses.

Understanding and development of simple sentences through audio and conversational practice.

Spanish Upper Beginner Level Course
IDIPAR Course Levels Guide

Spanish: Upper Beginner Level

B-1 / B-2

Includes 20 lessons overall + some audio exercises and illustrations

Understanding and production of oral and written form in different tenses, vocabularies and phrases.

Everyday expressions, through reading, writing, listening and conversational practice.

Spanish Intermediate Level Course
IDIPAR Course Levels Guide

Spanish: Intermediate Level

A & B Review

Includes 12 lessons overall

Understanding and production of everyday indicative phrases.

Idea of the subjunctive (unrealistic actions).

Understanding of routine conversations.

Continued conversation and answers questions.

Ability to follow and maintain the thread of a conversation.

Use of intermediate vocabulary and phrases.

Spanish Advanced Level Course
IDIPAR Course Levels Guide

Spanish: Advanced Level

C-1 / C-2

Includes 20 lessons overall + a final exam

Understanding and interpretation of messages.

Produce perfectly written texts and oral texts.

Knowledge of ideas, feelings and objective situations utilizing perfectly grammatical rules.

Express correctly ideas or situations with cohesion and coherence.

Communicate fluidly and fluently utilizing the correct vocabulary for each situation.

Guaraní Beginner Level Course
IDIPAR Course Levels Guide

Guaraní: Beginner Level


Includes 10 lessons

Recognition of the Guaraní alphabet and its pronunciation.

Use of greetings at different times of the day.

Identification of oral and nasal verbs and classification (areal, aireal and chendal) by conjugating them in present and future times.

Use of interrogative pronouns through questions and answers.

Recognition of irregular verbs in affirmative and negative forms.

Elaboration of simple sentences using postpositions.

Construction of oral and written sentences through exercises and practice in conversations.

Guaraní Upper Beginner Level Course
IDIPAR Course Levels Guide

Guaraní: Upper Beginner Level


Includes 8 lessons

Use of obligation phrases.

Identification of the pronoun and the demonstrative adjective.

Use of chendale verbs in situations of diseases.

Conjugation of verbs in the imperative mode affirmatively and negatively.

Guaraní Advanced Level Course
IDIPAR Course Levels Guide

Guaraní: Advanced Level


Review of levels A & B

Review of levels A & B.

We Are Prepared To Teach You

Our Learning process

The package course of our learning process
IDIPAR Language School. Good courses in Paraguay

Your Course

Choose your course

Step 1

Choose from Spanish, Guarani or DELE exam preparation lessons online or in person from the comforts of your home, our accommodation or your office.

The setting of our learning process
IDIPAR Language School. Good courses in Paraguay

Your Setting

Choose your Setting

Step 2

Choose from an online or in person setting with one of our qualified language teachers.

IDIPAR currently offers private and semi-private online lessons via WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom, private, semi-private and group lessons from your home or office and private and semi-private lessons at accommodation with Paraguayan family.

The study of our learning process
IDIPAR Language School. Good courses in Paraguay

Study and Complete Your Course

Study and complete your course

Step 3

Study hard and complete your chosen course at IDIPAR.

The certification of our learning process
IDIPAR Language School. Good courses in Paraguay

Your Certificate

Receive your certificate

Step 4

Upon completion, receive your custom course certificate verifying course completion, # of hours taken and course level reached or completed.

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